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" The emphasis is on fun not austerity, you can do as little or as much as you like. There is no competition or rigid rules, only paying attention to your feelings and open breathing are essential to the practice " – David Sye

Yogabeats™ has remained totally without rigid form or restrictions, experimental and spontaneous, just like jazz or any other free form art.  It openly encourages the practitioner to deeply explore their own physical and psychological boundaries. What is understood within this practice will directly impact upon the individual’s perception of life itself.

The magic of Yogabeats™ can never be fully understood in any way other than in its participation, because then the lines between the idea and the experience dissolves into a mind blowing feast of all the senses

Yogabeats™ is more than just Yoga, it is pure fun, a practice driven by music and rhythms. Unapologetically sexy, empowering and provocative, leaving you higher than a kite and flying for the rest of the week.

Yogabeats™ is yoga with a difference. The yoga is an eclectic mix of styles designed to accommodate all levels of fitness and ability. Rather than using fixed postures. Yogabeats™ uses “micro-moves”. These are continuous movements which do not lock off the muscles or disrupt the blood flow and increase flexibility. These micro-moves originated with David observing how children were unable to hold fixed static postures, the conundrum that became apparent was who in fact was the teacher, and at this point David began to adopt and implement the shifting movements within his own practice with startling results and benefits, which are now supported by physiotherapists and body workers.

Yogabeats™ combines classic mobile yoga postures with the latest rhythmic and ambient world music. This involves a slow warm up section, the 1st half of the practice is designed to soften up the human ego, without austerity or force, but primarily by allowing, and fun, and asking the body itself for permission to “let go,” followed by a more intense second section, partner work and meditation.

Yogabeats™ engages all of your physical senses and provides a natural high and feelings of joy in the body. It creates tremendous vitality, balance and flexibility regardless of size, age or experience.

The Yogabeats ™High. While constant aerobic acitivities lower one’s immune system and stress the body – Yogabeats™ boosts the body’s homeostasis immensly benefiting blood pressure, pulses, physical and cerebral responses – way past the point that mere exercise requires or can achieve. Yogabeats evolved around the original agenda of Yoga; to create a natural “peak experience” or “high” in the body/mind continuum by clearing the stresses and tensions that accumulate, and which in turn returns the practitioner to a blissful equity and balance.

Video to show what our past students think and feel about Yogabeats



"David Sye is extremely well known in the yoga world and is the creator of yogabeats. As the son of Frankie Vaughn he too has a passion for music which he brings to his freestyle yogabeats practise; this is refreshingly liberating and tremendous fun. As a totally free spirit, David encourages you too, to celebrate yourSelf by freeing your body and opening your mind and heart. In a quiet moment, David offers beautiful and nutritious food for thought. I have always left David’s workshops/sessions, feeling incredibly awake and alive and... ready to 'celebrate life’ - as is his motto. "In over twenty five years of yoga practise/teaching, I have come across many yoga teachers. David is certainly the most authentic, charismatic and inspirational yoga teacher I have ever had the pleasure of meeting."

" Yogabeats™ heals the body without the Practioner/Student knowing how it’ s done, simply because of the spontaneous micro-movements "


Fabi Weisbort, Physiotherapist


" Everytime there was a talk about Yoga and inspiring teachers, my yogi friends would praise David Sye from Yogabeats. All I could do was hear for so many years and wished that I meet David and attend one of his sessions at some point to witness this for myself!! 

A couple of weeks ago, I entered a yoga retreat competition on social media.  The thought of having my first yoga retreat in a beautiful Island and doing David Sye's sessions inspired me to enter this competition. Thanks to the Universal Source. I won this all inclusive competition. It was tge right time for me.  I had no words at the time to express my emotions to the world. It felt magical! 

At Azulfit, I attended all of David Sye's classes. David's sessions just like him were enjoyable, inspirational, therapeutic, soulful, knowledgeable, fascinating and above all it was joyous and lively with the best tunes to make you move your body and own it!! 

Everyone in David's session got to know each other with his story telling exercises, the traditional tibetan workouts and various forms of yoga techniques.  

My overall experience at Azulfit  was like being in a divine sanctuary full of amazing funloving souls, happiness and peace.

I've taken away lots of inspiration, knowledge and breathing techniques from David's sessions. This has somewhat changed my outlook to life. 

For me, David's sessions were all about being true and listening to yourself, live for the moment and practice the Art of Breathing. 

I'm already planning to attend more yoga sessions with David so that I can learn more about myself, David's work, spirituality and life as a whole.

David is truly amazing. His passion is to raise funds and unite the Palestines and Israels amongst the midst of conflict and war by teaching Yoga with a mix of authentic abd dancing tunes.

 David's teachings' is all about being simple, loving, true to yourself & others, peaceful and in harmony. I would recommend everyone to this legend's classes.


Love, Hugs and Light


"A fusion of unlocking and setting free the key, the truth within every cell combined with stand up comedy and utter love for magnificent child within!" 

Patricia Natureza

"Back from a 4 days retreat with David... Away from stereotypes and formalism, David teaching puts us in touch with our deepest truth with love and joy... One adjective: Magic..."

Stephane Kouame


Yogabeats with David Sye 2019

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