3 Step Foundation Courses

Yogabeats training

Whether you're a yoga teacher or you simply love Yogabeats and want to know more about the theory and practise; we'd love to welcome you on to our foundation course. Please see our booking page for course dates.

         3 Steps of Yogabeats

Step 1  The Way of Yogabeats

Day 1

The Yogabeats Story/Histories – How the practice evolved from its origins in response to contemporary environments. The basic philosophical cornerstones to the practice including the dynamics of human evolution, ego etc

The Practice – Experiencing the practice, breakdown and analysis of formula/s and methodology

Micro moves -The physical and psychological principles

The Bandhas – Their applications and effects

Day 2

Moves ‘n’ Grooves – The sounds and rhythms, the effects of different Audio environments

Spontaneity – The principles physically and psychologically

Energy clearance/invocations – Of environments and people

Yogabeats Quest for the Breath – Breathing techniques, use of, and effects

Day 3

Teaching – without a plan or central control

Communication Performance skill – Creating Inclusion/Humour etc

More Advanced techniques – As the pace of the practice advances

Partnership Work – Creating inter communication between students, and the use of!

Meditations/Visualisations – End of Yogabeats class resolution

Day 4

Recapitulation of all items from the previous 3 days

Practical trial teaching modules

‘Principles of societies’ – The need for yoga as community

The 3 steps to all Healing

Certification Celebration


Step 2  Yogabeats: A Deeper Journey

Day 1

A Reminder of Level 1 – all modules discussed at the level 1 foundation course, which will develop into an in-depth exploration of those same subject matters, so that all students will have this knowledge at a deeper intuitive level.

(New sections will be included for level 2 )

Day 2

What actually is a Yogi?

Yoga redefined as mystical art

This section encapsulates:


Self Analysis

Basic Spirituality/Metaphysics

Day 3

Moves and Grooves

This section will comprise and look at Somatic Studies:

The effects of stress both psychologically and physically

Injuries and remedial work. ( both physically n metaphysically)

The Fascia body

Free movement

Somatic Effects of audio environments

Quest for the Breath and Krivas

This section explores and deepens the knowledge of:

Multiple pranayamas Bandhas’ and their physical self cleansing aspects from both the Indian and Tibetan traditions.

Day 4

From the Product to the Creative

The exploration of left and right brain functionality

The creative reflex

Beyond the physical (or the known)

Human Evolution


Step 3 Yogabeats Teaching Certificate

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Vienna 2017 Training

Student Testimonials

North London 4 Step Program Feedback

A group of people got together for 4 days and united in a way that will keep them forever together and always as a tribe and that in itself is an amazing gift.

David walks his way, as a Preacher may have done in times gone by, – uniting the world in the practices of Yoga and reconnecting the world with love.…Chantal

Thank you, thank you, thank you – to Richard for organising the training, Carole for her very prompt assistance through the booking arrangements, Smita at Yoga Balance for making the studio space available, Lizzie for her nurturing daily cakes, everyone else for making it such a great group, and of course to David who has a unique gift for empowering us all to shine brightly. This has been the most inspiring yoga training I have ever attended, and I now find myself Addicted to Love, and wanting more!…….Lucy

I am different person after the course. I am much happier and less stressed. I take things much less seriously and I’m more accepting and appreciative of people and things. My wife has noticed it and is happier. We are happier together.
The highlight therefore for me was the philosophy and discussion we had regarding these things. I wasn’t expecting this to be so much of the course. Thank you!…..Scott

Yogabeats Foundation Course Vienna

Hello David,

I want to thank you again for this amazing, great, wonderful (there are no words to explain) 4 day-experience in Mödling. I can’t explain exactly what you’ve done to or with me and in the end it’s not necessary but I FEEL like a complete different person and I LOVE it. Thank you for showing me how to PLAY Yoga and all the inspiration. Now yoga became an essential part of my life and I can’t wait to play again In this 4 days you opened my eyes and set my heart on fire.

Thank you for sharing your wisdom, knowledge, experiences and love with us and for giving me the chance to jump over my abiss. I dance a lot since this workshop and I don’t give a shit if someone is watching

Big fat hug and lots of love from a wide open heart

Newcastle 4 step Weekend

David beautiful person I hope you managed to rest after the weekend. I had the most amazing time and am still full of positive energy around my body. Thank you so much. I am going to teach in an hour and dedicating the lesson to you. Lots of love, Adi xxxxx

David Sye