A word from David:

To begin to be able to perceive and access the incredible life enhancing benefits of these magickal realms

is the path of all true pilgrims

 … Yogabeats and Ancient Magick is designed to facilitate a perception and practice to quickly access a real heaven that actually does exist within our lifetimes

 upon our  beautiful planet …. Come join us and step away from the ordinary

and up into the Extraordinary.

Yogabeats Ancient Magick was something unique and beautiful that evolved simply out of love – my love for my partner David and of living a magical life.

I met David early 2018 and adored our mutual connection to the invisible worlds and other dimensions – something we have explored and enjoyed together over the years.  I wasn’t a ‘yogi’ in the sense of being trained and super bendy but I was a Yogi in the ancient sense – I believed in union, ceremony, love and most of all magick.

Yogabeats switched me on to a type of yoga that dovetailed into my metaphysical practise.  Rather than being a serious staid state, it encouraged me to raise my vibration, explore my body and go deeply inside.  As a result, my connections to various deities and past lives increased; as did my relationships with the other realms, making me realise that Yogabeats was far beyond yoga, movement and fun – it opened a doorway.

David has always brought ceremony into his retreats and allowed students to dip a toe into how other cultures honour and celebrate.  As my relationship grew with David and the pandemic hit, we realised that the ancient ways are needed more now than ever.  Yoga (in it’s ancient not Instagram form) was still relevant but being able to work with the elemental realms and past lives was essential to survive the chaos in the first world.

Yogabeats Ancient Magick started to fuse.  David and I started to extend our own magical practises together.  We delved back into past lives, remembering ceremonies and blessings from Atlantis, Lemuria and Native American times.  We took each other on journeys and started to call in beautiful relationships with deities, elementals and ancestors that blessed us.

It was clear that our path was to share this with the world hence fusing the magick of Yoagbeats with its fun, sexy empowering ways with the ancient magick we were both familiar with, teaching people how to remember who they are/were and building strong communities across the globe based purely on unconditional love.

Our retreats and workshops will involve yoga, breathwork, revealing breathing, sacred sites, magical practises, mutual education and connection to ourselves and the worlds within and around us.

We hope you join us in this new path.

At a time when many of the accepted pillars of western society are beginning to fall away.,,
there has never been a more opportune moment to begin to perceive and learn of  the ancient Magick realms that underlay all of human societies and that can be fully accessed during these turbulent times….

Our retreats of  ‘Yogabeats and Ancient Magick‘ are far more than just a holiday they will provide you with all the tools necessary for whatever the future may hold..,and you don’t need to be a believer in Magick or part of a Coven … just a soul who has an inkling that there maybe more to life than what’s on the TV !? Much love David x

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