International Womens Day

It's pretty much every day David amazes me with his words and kindness. In honour of yesterdays International Women's Day, I wanted to share (with his and the recipients permission) a message he sent to one of our incredible Palestinian students living in Bethlehem:

'All consciously awake people inevitably., finally., realise that they exist as a part of a greater human family that exists without any boundaries or limits and that this potential is everywhere ., and it has existed throughout all of time !!! Some may call it human evolution and others Nirvana or Paradise a global Heaven on Earth .. whatever name it’s given’s a state of being.. a flowering of our species evolution each evolving human innately feels within themselves and whose nature is self propelling and desires to propagate and come into being through any means at all at its disposal a shoot from a seed seeking the sunlight we are all driven by the possibilities of higher states .... the point really is this ... That if this can be felt or actualised as a human possibility then that possibility also can exist as a reality... and personally if anything is worthy of this lifetime I live then it is this ! Blessings to you sister ! David

The text above illustrates that it isn't about men and women or any other divisions in life. Our potential goes far far beyond this.

Happy International Women's Day all. xxxx

Yogabeats with David Sye 2019

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