May Madness

May has been awash with madness as silly season kicked off in style. We wouldn’t have it any other way here at Yogabeats HQ – in the words of the Lewis Carroll

‘We're entirely bonkers. But I'll tell you a secret. All the best people are.” 

We were absolutely stoked to find out that David had sold out his classes at the Om Yoga Show Manchester. Hospitality and fun in the North West stands apart from everywhere else and the classes this year were no exception. These festivals are always wonderful ways to meet past and present Yogabeats students and to introduce some new blood to the magic. The love Gill Gosling said the following:

‘LOVE - lighting it all up - that magical Sye spirit touching the deepest divine space in all. Pure magic. Keep that heart beating. Love it David’

We also did something a little bit different this month, a charity event to kick back to Yogabeats conflict. David spent a week in Italy with a wonderful crowd where he carried out many Revealing Breathing sessions before ending the week with a formidable workshop. David said:

'Hanging out with my Italian students in Bologna, as the month of May drew came to a close. It reminded me that when one hangs out with only that which feels good. It’s always so amazing to witness how intensely pleasurable one’s life actually does in fact become.'

We’ve also done some great interviews with David this month which you can find on the Yogabeats YouTube channel. Here you can find out more about the forthcoming ‘Outreach to the Streets’ event plus David’s thoughts and feelings on the yoga industry and what it means to be spiritual – they were such fun to shoot as you’ll see (and hear from my laughter).

In addition to a weekend of Revealing Breathing in Coventry, David returned to the South Coast and held a workshop in Eastbourne. Eastbourne is a relatively new location for Yogabeats but we already feel like we’ve known the people forever. David’s thoughts are below:

But after this visit (after all those years) I discovered it was my heart that got busted this time....and by the intense love and adoration that the Yoga Students of the wonderful  Eva Kristlova at her centre, so generously heaped upon me as they gathered together for the Yogabeats weekend love to all you guys who attended and of course EVA who made it all happen!!!

I don’t wish to end on a serious or sad note, but our only regret for May was not being able to attend the Israeli Yoga Festival. As everyone knows both the festival and the guys both sides of that hideous wall hold a very special place in David’s heart. It was with great sadness we couldn’t fly out this year but it was not to be. However, be assured that we are planning something wonderful soon to show our deep love for these great people.

Check the Yogabeats gallery and Facebook page for May photos!

Much love to everyone for their continued support and belief in Yogabeats. We couldn’t’ do it without you. And let us tell you this, if you thought May was crazy, June is off the hook!

Yogabeats with David Sye 2019

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