Moon Magic in the Welsh Mountains

Updated: Apr 24, 2019

Easter weekend saw a very special retreat for Yogabeats with us heading to an idyllic setting in the welsh mountains to celebrate the full moon! The 'pink moon' called such by the native Americans to herald the planting of spring crops, shone down on us during the night like a beautiful beacon. And, let's not forget the sunshine blasted us with golden rays during the day as the UK saw the hottest easter on record.

David had the following to say about his experiences this weekend:

'I am often lost for words when attempting to capture in a blog what went down during a Yogabeats weekend....this past Full Moon retreat up high in the Welsh mountains heralded a deeper direction into the magic n mystery of the invisible realms that surround all of 3D life ..

This weekend was a celebration amidst towering mountains, deep crystal clear lakes, woodlands alive with flowers and wildlife - a veritable Eden...and as we all gathered around a roaring fire under a sky of endless luminous stars and galaxies. We called upon a God of the Orishas traditions and witnessed the simple bonding of human souls that have called upon the invisible kingdoms since the dawn of time ....

I feel now that Yogabeats has come into its own in a natural evolution. Where yoga becomes a magical calling forth into community love and the ancestors, because this is the space in which our urban souls truly become healed!!!

My love and thanks to everyone who attended you made me very glad to be alive !!!! X'

Thank you from everyone at Yogabeats for those that attended. With a world awash with yoga retreats, its an honour to provide something that little bit different, something with more than a little bit of magic. This comes from David's unique style and the wonderful souls Yogabeats attracts.

For information on upcoming retreats and magical get togethers, please go to our events page or drop us an email.

Yogabeats with David Sye 2019

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