Revealing Breathing - A Review

We've had a wonderful review from one of Davids recent students Niamh Kavanagh after her recent Revealing Breathing session with David.

Until you take part in one of these sessions, it's quite hard for someone else to describe exactly what it's like, mainly because it's so different for each person. All you need to do is lay back, trust yourself and trust the wonderful guidance David will give you. As basic as it sounds, it is just a matter of breathing and then seeing what's revealed (clues in the name haha).

For information on how to book your own session with David, please check the contact details at the bottom of this post.

From Niamh:

"Even though I had deep callings from India for years, it wasn't until meeting with my very first yoga teacher who catapult this longing into action.

My senses were filled with his tattoos of hindu Gods & Goddesses, his dynamism and resonance of Sanskrit, his passion for life that transmits through his teachings, but what first captivated me was the reflection had during my first yoga experience with him: Waking UP!

I remember feeling astonished that I wasn't breathing properly. Then, on comparing the effects of full yogic breathing with the limited pattern of my lung capacity & absorption (at the time), through sensation, feeling and openness - I was totally taken by the results of sheer happiness and upliftment in body mind emotions. I was quite the natural then - when it came to destruction and even though always surrounded by loved ones and with an exciting career on the horizon, I felt deeply unhappy and dissatisfied in life and couldn't understand why. The teaching in yoga soon became crystal clear that, be it a negative pattern, this raw and powerful energy once cleared, released and directed the correct way, can be converted into positive/higher actions and being. So he introduced Revealing Breathing aka Conscious Breathwork and this became the beginnings of a journey on how to alchemise negative and unwanted thoughts into positive living/being.Since then 2002, our healing, transformations & trainings continue today.

The epiphany (for me) is in the breath. The very thing that brings about a carefree, higher sense of pleasure moves through and is inside of us. AND ITS FREE! Our breath shows us how to recognise truth, how to respect our given lives, appreciate & love. How to heal and grow. This transformative practise & therapy doesn't stop at the individual but moves way beyond the transpersonal where challenge, limitation, trauma, environmental, health, relationship, bodymind disturbances and dis-ease can be balanced and/or supported. With sincere approach, surrender & Grace, anyone can self align. AND, excited to say, Im soon to facilitate others : ) Honouring my teacher & Dear friend, David Sye thank you for walking me through the steps : )"

For more information on Revealing Breathing please check out the web page or contact us to arrange a session with David in London. For any of you lucky enough to be attending one of Davids retreats this year, there may be opportunity to do a session there too.

Yogabeats with David Sye 2019

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