Yogabeats Conflict : A Video

Using yoga to bring about social change is something David has always championed

Building peace from the inside and uniting through love are the true foundations of yoga. As a true yogi, these are subjects David not only speaks about (loudly)but more importantly, puts into action. This is shown in beautiful visuals in the short 2016 video made by Richard Blanshard, attached to this post.

Yogis need to give back to the community

Yogabeats Conflict (YBC) is not only a charity but also an example of how the yogic world can give back to those in need, helping breed love and hope around the world or simply in the communities on their doorstep.

In 2018 YBC did some incredible events from charity events in Europe to workshops and classes in Palestine. 2019 sees this stepping up even more with the UK 'Outreach To The Streets' event for the homeless and teacher training for the Palestinians. The latter training will mean that Palestine will see the first ever accredited Yogabeats teachers in the world.

Thanks for being amazing supporters

We are so thankful to all the support we've had over the years with YBC. Without your generosity we wouldn't be able to support those in need in war zones and areas of conflict across the world. Fo more information, watch the video below, read our journey here and please donate what you can so we can continue our efforts.

Much love and peace

From all YB