Yogabeats inspires Eastbourne!

We do like to be beside the seaside, but not so much in these freezing temperatures so we gave the ocean and miss and focused on yoga! This weekend saw us have the first of four planned Yogabeats workshops in Eastbourne this year and man it went off!

After waking up to a beautiful sunrise, we were ready to seize the day and have some fun! It was our first time with this crew and we're so glad it's not going to be the last as we had an electric time! A full day of laughter and moves to funky beats meant everyone left with that trademark Yogabeats high.

Davids classes always have a mix of students from Yoga teachers to first time yogis as Yogabeats is what yoga should be fully inclusive! It seems that lots of yoga teachers share Davids view that yoga has lost its way a little and become competitive, so it's great to see like minded yogis coming together through Yogabeats to bring yoga back to its source.

We were overjoyed to receive feedback from two yoga teachers who have recently taken one of Davids workshops. Georgina, a teacher attending the Eastbourne workshop said that Davids philosophy 'filled me with hope and reaffirmed my commitment to the practise'. Elena, a teacher who we met at Azulfit in New Year said 'Davids style resonates with my own. It's great to know that someone else is committed to making yoga fun. My students are loving the new moves!'

Nothing makes our hearts warmer than feedback like that!

The day ended with David giving an interview with Malik from Yoga Magazine so keep your eyes peeled for Yogabeats in the press coming soon!

yogabeats students eastbourne
Yogabeats Student in Eastbourne January 2019