An Introduction To Yogabeats

Want to know what Yogabeats is or need a reminder?

As David and I sat overlooking the beautiful Galway Bay last week we started to chat about Yogabeats and how it stands apart from other types of Yoga.  It got us thinking that perhaps we needed to remind people why it’s beneficial to walk on the wild side and absorb the Yogabeats high.  And, introduce those that are feeling a little bit excluded from the glossy, bendy yoga world to something that will make their hearts soar and their souls feel enveloped in love.

So what’s my story?

I’m writing this exactly a year after being introduced to Yogabeats during the Azulfit 10 year anniversary retreat.  As a journalist and wellbeing blogger, I’d been on hundreds of different retreats/yoga classes and wellbeing ‘fixes’ in my time.  I enjoyed yoga generally but spent most of the classes feeling inferior to those skinny girls that float into handstands with a ballerinas grace and cutting out quick after Savasana so as not to endure the ‘post class chats of judgement’ that ranged from the demonization of coffee to the blind adoration of any man that wears a turban, sits cross legged and spouts Sanskrit.

David Sye burst into my life without apology.  Finally a yoga teacher that had a twinkle in his eye that matched my own, celebrated desires and made yoga about continuous movement to music (and I’m talking Busta Rhymes as opposed to a blend of monks singing ommmmmmm).  Within a few minutes my mind was blown, my heart was full and my body campe to life. 

With David’s retreats there’s no 6am awakening and silent yoga class, starvation until lunchtime and then the ‘yoga by numbers’ collection of dull asanas class after class that you might be used to. Nooooo, we’re kind to the body when it first wakes up, we coax it into action and we feed it with love and fabulous coffee/food. As for the rest of the retreat, well you never know what’s coming next as David is anything but routine. From beautiful ceremonies to connecting to yourself in nature, expect the unexpected. All I can say is you’ll leave with that formidable Yogabeats high that will leave you addicted to the practise but most importantly yourself!

Here’s what I wrote on my blog after meeting David last year:

“His unique blend of yoga, rhythm and wisdom had the most profound impact on me. Yoga with him was not only fun but also provided a release of stagnant energy I didn’t realise I was carrying.  It helped me create a new curiosity for myself and the world in which I live.  I’m not going to lie, at the start of the week I was uncomfortable with the partner work and thought sharing, but as time passed I opened up beyond anything I thought I was capable of.  The big difference in what David offers isn’t complicated – it’s simply about focusing on and breeding love – between each other and for you.  This encouragement to open us up to both possibilities and each other definitely enriched our whole experience.  The only negative?  Well, ‘normal’ yoga is now dead to me!

Yogabeats is a revelation and in my humble opinion, blows styles like Bikram out of the water.  It’s not about endurance.  It’s not about perfection.  It’s not about falling in love with yourself and having a great time doing it. 

Don’t just take my word for it though; check out our main man below on why Yogabeats is for everyone.

Yogabeats with David Sye 2019

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