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Homelessness is a huge and growing problem in the UK. Over 5k people are forced to sleep rough in the UK each night, leading to 600 deaths last year. In fact, deaths of homeless people rise 25% year on year over the last five years. This shouldn’t be happening to human beings in a civilised society.

We need to lead a movement to step up and take action against the problem; and that’s where Yogabeats comes in.

One of the most troubling elements to this growing crisis isn’t around the government pledging 100 million and then revoking it, the issue is US. As a human race we have come to view people sleeping on the streets as acceptable or ‘the norm’. Much like many ongoing issues in the world, this has become old news and we are desensitised to an issue that has been around us for years.

Davids' home town of Camden has seen the worse increase in homelessness over the last three years, becoming the third worst place in England next to Westminster and Brighton. Not one to sit back in the face of suffering, David has decided to step forward and ignite a fire in the bellies of the yoga community, inspiring them to step forward.

I met with David in his home a few weeks ago to talk about the upcoming Yogabeats Charity event ‘Outreach to The Streets’. This full day event is taking place on 24th August at Haverstock School in Camden. In association with Shelter, all proceeds will go to helping the homeless in Davids’ locality. The attached video interview illustrates Davids’ view on the state of poverty in the UK and invites you to step up and help.

Ways You Can Help Make A Difference

The thing is, you don’t have to be an incredible yoga teacher like David to help, you don’t even have to be a yoga teacher – all you need is a yogic heart. If you’re a yoga teacher who finds organising an event to help daunting, then simply donate one lot of class fees to help. I simply contacted my local yoga studio and asked for a teacher to donate their time in exchange for me promoting the event – it’s all possible if you take steps to make it happen.

Acknowledge And Recognise

I’ve spent time with those without a home on the streets of London and in my home town of Norwich. Every person on those streets is a victim of circumstance; making it clear that this could happen to anyone, however secure and privileged you may feel. The most common sadness among those I spoke to is that feeling of invisibility; how it feels to be stepped over, looked through or turned away from. Have we really got to a stage in humanity that we simply close our eyes to devastation in the hope that it will dissipate or become someone else’s problem? I hope not.

I implore you to support #yogabeatsoutreach by attending the London event, organising an event yourself in your locality or by donating to Yogabeats Conflict online (simply name your donation ‘outreach’ on the bank transfer).

Together we can make a difference and start to push the wheels of change into motion.

Author : Amanda Mcwhirter

Yogabeats with David Sye 2019

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