Revealing Breathing Testimonials


A technicolour journey!


"Thank you David for being the generous fearless and patient man that you are...and thank you for taking me on this three hour journey. I ´ve seen angels, dead people submerged in a frozen ocean, rainbows, monasteries and tour de France peaks. The session made  my epiphysis burn like the spark block of an alfa romeo 75..."



I was high on life for days after

"I've had three revealing breathing sessions with David in 4 years,  it's been a beautiful life changing journey since I met David. I will always be truly eternally grateful as he showed me my potential & ability to help others that was hidden deep with in my heart & soul masked by the traumas you experience throughout the cycles of life.    Facing those traumas, releasing & letting go raises your vibration immensely that you attract all the right energies & lessons you require to go even deeper, it's the most beautiful feeling.   I recommend this treatment to everyone, meeting David & spending time with a beautiful soul is a great honour.  I first met David at one of his Yoga Beats classes, I remember feeling high on life for days after wanting more of that feeling. To walk around in complete harmony what more can anyone want.  Love to you Dave & thank you so much for your continued support" xxx


Emma Bailey

Probably one of the best decisions I have made in my life...


" I first became aware of David many years ago when I attended one of his workshops at the Yoga show. More recently I attended one of his 4 step foundation courses ,and just last week I spent a week at La Bulle yoga. I also had a rebirthing session during this week. I read some of the previous comments left by people, and I can say that I recognise everything that has been said about him. I had thought about doing the rebirthing earlier, but was a little anxious about it ,and as I thought I was doing reasonably ok before, I wasn’t sure whether I would be the right candidate for this kind of therapy. Yet I was curious, and I fully trust David, so if I was going to do it it would only ever be with him. Doing the rebirthing has probably been one of the best decisions I have made in my life. Doing the session with David was an even better decision. Sometimes in your life you meet someone who has a profound effect on your life . Someone who is able to guide you, inspire you, comfort you, and encourage you , to live the life you know deep inside you want to live; be the person you really are, without apologies. It’s not always easy to be confronted with the demons inside you, but dealing with them under the guidance of this wonderful man, makes you so aware, so full of lust for life, full of confidence to continue with a new path, a different direction maybe. Time will tell. With David you feel what yoga, love and lust for life is all about, he embodies all of them. No airy fairy crap; just the truth and being real……that’s what you get with David……love,love love. Thank you my friend! Big hug. X"

Dani Gonzalez

Organically healing and evolving through unseen layers

"Revealing Breathing brings both release and awakenings, difficult to describe in words - as it is not only unlimited, unpredictable and unknown - because what experiences that manifested yesterday, completely change shape by tomorrow. The reason why is this process is ongoing, day to day… organically healing and evolving through unseen layers. What you CAN expect to crystallise is Truth. Revealing Breathing offers a very direct and powerful path should you sincerely want to live your truth, ultimately opening more into consciousness." 





I'm not scared anymore..

"I have had colitis for a long time but it was dorment, when all of a sudden I started experiencing all the symptoms again and it got so bad I almost could not leave the house. I called David for advice and he made time for me immediately, he told me "you have to prioritise yourself, you are worth it", that already helped. I went to see him and within 5 minutes i had the answer, he was asking me "what is wrong that you are making feel right? ", I realised that what was wrong was so major that I had not seen it before since I was too close to it! During the session I had a lot of insights and i felt supported by the love and patience of David, he gave me space and time and allowed me to see the truth! He told me, " live your truth! " It has not been easy but i have unfolded and i have realized that i can heal myself and others by telling the truth smile emoticon. After 3 months all symptoms have gone and i feel a lot calmer. I have revised some close relationships and i have prioritized myself but with lots if love for others too and i have told the truth to myself and everybody, i'm not scared anymore! I am spirit having a human experience, i'm energy, I'm love. Thank you my lovely guru!"

Giuseppina C


The process seems to simplify generations of complexity

"I came to the revealing breathing session unsure what to expect. Time was given to explore my truth from different angles. It was possible to break the hold that past events have on my present, to allow the deeper symbolisms to emerge and with David’s help as an interpretative guide, re discover my inner strength. I became reassured that the love we need is within us and all around us. I learned that consciousness precedes everything and how working on fulfilling our own personal journey can have positive effects on all within our awareness. These insights have become imprinted into my energy fields for current and future action. In the days and weeks following I could embrace fluctuations with increasing openness and certainty. The process seems to simplify generations of complexity, allowing recognition of ego driven behaviors in myself and others. I have been able to use this within my personal and work life. My anxieties and insecurities are manageable, I do not have time for inertia as my path becomes clearer and every moment is alive."



It may sound a cliché but I do feel reborn with a much stronger in-depth knowing

I was on David’s yoga holiday in Kisamoss in Crete and it was without a doubt, the most amazing fun and spiritual holiday I’ve ever been on, all rolled into one. Furthermore, I got the opportunity to have a rebirth with David and have to admit whilst I was very anxious to begin with but there was no way I was going to miss an opportunity to have this experience with David. I’ve been on my own spiritual journey for many many years and was feeling a little stuck and slightly wavering on my own path so having someone as caring and competent as David to hand over my sub conscious too was absolutely mind blowing. The session revealed such profound insights to me about my personal nature, my own spiritual evolution that it made me realise I am exactly where I should be and am totally on the right path in my spiritual and personal life. And to be honest the insights are still coming, it may sound a cliché but I do feel reborn with a much stronger in-depth knowing for want of a better description. He has a huge amount of love and energy yet took the time to see me after a week long intensive course which I am forever grateful for, thanks for your kind heart David and see you in Dublin.

Annmarie H.,

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