Revealing Breathing

What is it?


A combination of Tibetan Re-birthing, healing and shamanism, it is a technique to access the deeper subconscious information layered within and beneath the surface personality. When the body remains still and a continuous cyclic breathing is applied the resultant energy within the body stimulates the organism into automatic repair and what is released is the thought forms and ideas held within the subconscious mind. Sometimes even the birth experience itself is relived and why the technique is popularly known as Re-birthing.

How it can help

Revealing breathing is an ancient technique that reveals the hidden worlds of the human mind and one of the quickest methods to circumnavigate the devastating effects of stress on an individual, releasing them from a life time of learned negative responses.

David has been practicing shamanism and healing for over 30 years. The metaphysics behind our own lives and the objects of our desires are always entwined within the law of our own Karmic paths. There is no exception. Always a change of our own inner energies are necessary for that which is desired and ourselves to synchronize and thereby manifest.

This is the work of Re-birthing and one simple fact that true spiritual work and development is a non local event and affects the whole field of humanity.

What happens during a session?

You breathe!  It's that simple.  You're in control the whole time and with Davids guidance you breathe into your experiences, thoughts and feelings that lay dormant in your subconscious.  You'll simply relax into your own mind and describe what you are seeing, thinking and feeling.  David will help you the entire way through and make sure you are comfortable and relaxed.  After the session David will help you understand your experiences and answer questions.  


This is a truly unique therapy.

Check our testimonials page to see what others say about their experiences

        One to One Appointments with David

David is available for: one on one private tuition for Yoga, Special needs, Pranayama, and Meditation.

One on one or group sessions can be made by arrangement for Sports, Pregnancy/Post Natal, Children, Senior Citizens and Special Needs

Revealing Breathing (Tibetan Re-birthing), spiritual healing and in person or telephone counseling sessions available by Appointment.  These sessions can also take place during retreats - contact us for details.  Up until April 2021 we are offering Zoom revealing breathing sessions for £100 for ninety minutes.  Please note that we require a £50 deposit up front to secure your slot.  For any cancellations, we need 24 hours notice or the deposit will be lost.

Check out our events page for Revealing Breathing sessions and training courses near you or to book your one to one session, get in contact with us today

Yogabeats with David Sye 2019

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