King Hippy

Yoga is more than just asanas, it's about fun, coming together and uniting.  Music is our favourite way to do that and is one reason why King Hippy was born.

The music...


Do you have a passion for sweet music?  If so, check out David's musical passions.    He works with renowned composer/jazz pianist David Punshon as front man and writer.  Together they produce awesomely addictive grooves as King Hippy


King Hippy are touring in 2019/2020 and you can stream some of our tracks on all the big streaming sites such as iTunes and Spotify.  Give us a listen and better still, come see us perform!

Other music projects..

Stay tuned in 2019 for race for the roots : a collective movement dedicated to honouring and preserving our cultural roots through music, art and dance. It's going to be something really special.


We often get requests for playlists so students can relive the Yogabeats experience.  We'll soon have these available online.   Any money raised from downloads goes straight to our Yogabeats Conflict charity.

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