Yogabeats Conflict

…"There Is No Problem Big Enough In Our World That Enough Love Cannot Solve."...

                                                          David Sye



Words from David 2018

In the dream that lies forever hidden deep beneath the skin of the earth woven

amongst the diverse roots of all humanity the first of the natural laws

is the onethat lays behind the ability for invisible chemical conversations

to simply exist and be active at the end of divergent root synapsis ….


For here lay the hidden secrets to the forests own vital power and health …

a silent constant chemical exchange and communication hidden deep down between the root synapsis of multiple species.


So what makes any of us believe in the illusion that we could emerge onto this planet except through the wombs of our own mothers. All of humanities tribes are born only from women the earth is a woman, creation is a woman.

Androgynously making love constantly to itself thru it’s own male expression

…..but via a 10 thousand year corridor of male dominated territorial war cultural

our species has ended up believing that our dog eat dog economics and endless wars have somehow become very normal ..

If we can thru the electronic synapsis of our own present day communication systems link back together a synaptic exchange and support of our own divergent humanity and particularly with those of our species that remained closely linked to Ghai’s natural laws …Once again our species may flourish in a way that has not existed in over 10 thousand years …

But mark this well ….It is from the invisible exchanges of these divergent root synapsis that nourishment is able to enter the entire divergent tree root systems and it is the link that exists beyond language in the compassion and exchanges that can be seen between the eyes and gestures of divergent peoples

that the commonality of communication very easily exists between us all ….


And therefore if the roots get nourishment, then so does the the trees trunk

and if the trees trunk gets nourishment then so do the branches, and if the branches receive this nourishment so do the twigs, and if the twigs receive this nourishment so do the leaves, and if the leaves receive this nourishment

then the tree begins to flower….and this is the moment of human transformation

into that of a Buddha this is the moment of human evolution for if this flowering begins, then the fruits may begin their own growth and provide nourishment for all of life …we can never separate ourselves from our own mothers or Ghia

and it is in our reconnection of our separated communities

that the possibilities to all our evolutions lay!!!


I know that in-spite of the entire country being covered in snow it only takes a rise in temperature of one degree to melt the icy grip winter now has upon the land and in similar fashion it only takes a one degree shift up in human consciousness for the worlds panorama of inhumanity to begin to crumble …

one brick removed from out of the Damm of 10 thousand years of human war culture …..initiates the destruction of the entire damm and catapult our species into a higher evolution that all the masters from Christ, Krishna, Buddha, Mohammed spoke about …so is it worth the struggle…..

Damm Right!!!

Yogabeats Conflict 

Yogabeats Conflict Is a not for profit charity that works with mixed groups of Palestinians and Israelis, rebuilding the bridge towards peace again through yoga.

In addition to this, the charity trains those on both sides of the conflict to become Yogabeats teachers and use the union of yoga within the community as a support and bridge toward

Yogabeats possesses the unique abilities of breaking   down barriers and changing perceptions, even in the  face of the overt conflict of the Middle East.

Yogabeats Conflict has been running since 2004 thanks to your love and generosity.  To help us continue these courses we are asking for donations to help sponsor several of the students who are on very low incomes to help towards their travel and accommodation costs and to help us continue the wonderful work we do.




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Yogabeats Charity is not for profit and is fully supported by

       His Holiness the Dhalai Lama