The Gathering in Edale with David Sye

Calendar   Retreat
Location Grindslow House, Edale, Hope Valley, S33 7ZD
Date Friday, May 12, 2023 at 4:30pm -
Monday, May 15, 2023 at 4:30pm
Duration   3 days

A place where we are all looked after in a space held by people who want us to have an incredible experience and feel safe. It's all about yoga, but it's not all about yoga. The retreat offers a space to focus on the union between heart and mind, body and breath, self and the souls around you. By sharing food, telling stories, and being present, we come together with an invitation to find yoga, union, wherever we each need it most. Whether you're looking for healing, direction, identity, or peace, this gathering can help you to find it through community, contemplation and connection. 

The retreat nourishes the soul and the body with a touch of luxury to your stay in carefully selected accommodations around the British Isles. We deliver carefully prepared meals that will blow your mind with flavour and leave you questioning how you can ever return to home cooking again. James takes great pride in awakening your senses with combinations of flavours that are truly artistic in their delivery. 

Every morning we prepare for the day ahead with traditional yogic practices involving the breath, movement and contemplation. We get off the mats and into ceremonies that can deepen our connection with ourselves, each other and the world around us. David Sye is wise, authentic and his experience working in all manner of ancient traditions will guide you through the landscapes of the mind in search for answers and ultimately, transcendence. 

See yourself through the eyes of others and remember that you are stronger than your struggles. Hear the stories that have shaped each of us and know that we all have more in common than we think. Experience teachings of traditions from around the world and imagine a way of living that feels more honest and free. Know that when the weekend ends, these connections will last for years to come, if not lifetimes. Conversations delve deep through the night into how we really feel about ourselves, our lives, the planet, and our future. This is where the true practice of yoga comes into play. This is where the magic happens. Under the stars.

Date from: May 12 2023
Date to: May 15 2023
Accommodation type: Double, Single shared, Double en-suite
Price per person: £650 - £750
Contact email:

Event contact Mike McMaster
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Event contact Number  07471680937
Repeats? No
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