What is it?

A combination of Tibetan Re-birthing, healing and shamanism, it is a technique to access the deeper subconscious information layered within and beneath the surface personality. When the body remains still and a continuous cyclic breathing is applied the resultant energy within the body stimulates the organism into automatic repair and what is released is the thought forms and ideas held within the subconscious mind. Sometimes even the birth experience itself is relived and why the technique is popularly known as Re-birthing.​

How it can help?

Revealing breathing is an ancient technique that reveals the hidden worlds of the human mind and one of the quickest methods to circumnavigate the devastating effects of stress on an individual, releasing them from a life time of learned negative responses.

David has been practicing shamanism and healing for over 30 years. The metaphysics behind our own lives and the objects of our desires are always entwined within the law of our own Karmic paths. There is no exception. Always a change of our own inner energies are necessary for that which is desired and ourselves to synchronize and thereby manifest.

This is the work of Re-birthing and one simple fact that true spiritual work and development is a non local event and affects the whole field of humanity.

What happens during a session?

You breathe! It’s that simple. You’re in control the whole time and with Davids guidance you breathe into your experiences, thoughts and feelings that lay dormant in your subconscious. You’ll simply relax into your own mind and describe what you are seeing, thinking and feeling. David will help you the entire way through and make sure you are comfortable and relaxed. After the session David will help you understand your experiences and answer questions.

This is a truly unique therapy.​

Check our testimonials page to see what others say about their experiences


Client in Ohio
Client in Ohio

Just over a year ago, after experiencing rejection and abandonment at the hands of a man I had considered a life partner and soul mate, I had fallen into pieces. A friend recommended the work of a healer by the name of David Sye. His compassion, humor, breathwork, generosity and wisdom supported me as I began putting the pieces of my shattered self together. I began the great journey within, finding a rich multiverse full of mysterious beings and imagery that saw me healing and renewing the sense of love and wonder that had been eroded by life lived in a 3D concretized reality. I re learned that I was capable of far more than I had been believing was possible. I discovered that I was loved and protected by unseen forces, I gradually emerged from the prison I had been building for myself, and instead of fearing shadows, I embraced them and danced with them. All the way through this process, David was there- guiding me through, directing me with the simple tool of breathwork, documenting each step of my inner journey, and cheering me through each epiphany, each revelation that led me out of heartbreak to heart-wake. I had lived my life believing it all came from my will, from action steps, instead of allowing myself to just be, and developing the knowing I would be led to where I was meant to be...that my inner world eventually manifested in my outer world. Those events I regarded as disappointments and rejection were simply protections in disguise. I had been caught in a loop of choosing co dependant relationships unconsciously. As I became more conscious - thanks to the work with David,  I was being led away from those places and beings that sought to limit me or extinguish my spark. I began to fall in love with me.  I found myself in a new place of acceptance, forgiveness and understanding. I learned how my ego could so easily jump in when my awareness dipped- all good- in this great dance of life. David has served as the dance instructor and I am ever grateful for his guidance throughout this process. He held the light for me so I could see into the various tunnels and caverns deep within, on my soul beings journey. I cannot say enough good things about this master. I am half a planet away from him, yet his energy so powerful, so palpable, it still had a beneficial impact on me. I continue to journey, I continue to learn, and continue to heal, with the hope that I too, may one day share the gifts, the wisdom and healing this great soul being has been kind enough to share with me. I firmly believe, this being, David Sye,  is one of the deeply needed lights of our time on Mother Earth.  His healing gift is a treasure that has a value beyond measure. - Thank you David Sye.


On the 15.1.23 I went to see David for a revealing breathing session. I have experienced revealing breathing with David a few times and each time has been different and very profound. David took me in to a quite room and made me comfortable. He helped me to get into a relaxed state and ensured the space was fully protected energetically. My experience this time was deeper and took me a place where another level of healing took place. David helped guide me throughout the entire session and I felt very safe and nurtured. I connected with my mother and another level of powerful healing took place in regard to the deep heartbreak and trauma we had both experienced. I can not recommend this wonderful technique for anyone who wishes to begin or continue their healing journey. You are in exceptionally good hands with David who has a wealth of experience and knowledge in this area. David offers a compassionate and unique approach for anyone who wishes to start working on themselves and who are willing to step right out of the box and open to so much more. I highly recommend having healing as part of a selfcare programme, over time we transform emotionally, physically, mentally and spiritually. We heal, let go and then grow.
My heart is full of gratitude to David.. Thankyou x
Sarah xxx

A technicolour journey!

Thank you David for being the generous fearless and patient man that you are...and thank you for taking me on this three hour journey. I´ve seen angels, dead people submerged in a frozen ocean, rainbows, monasteries and tour de France peaks. The session made my epiphysis burn like the spark block of an alfa romeo 75...

I was high on life for days after
Emma Bailey

I've had three revealing breathing sessions with David in 4 years, it's been a beautiful life changing journey since I met David. I will always
be truly eternally grateful as he showed me my potential & ability to help others that was hidden deep with in my heart & soul masked by the traumas you experience throughout the cycles of life.  Facing those traumas, releasing & letting go raises your vibration immensely that you attract all the right energies & lessons you require to go even deeper, it's the most beautiful feeling. I recommend this treatment to everyone, meeting David & spending time with a beautiful soul is a great honour. I first met David at one of his Yoga Beats classes, I remember feeling high on life for days after wanting more of that feeling. To walk around in complete harmony what more can anyone want.  Love to you Dave & thank you so much for your continued support

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