…the First Yogabeats Teacher Training course with the final segment and dates to be announced for this spring ! The Teacher Training  all began prior to the lock downs 2 years ago and through popular demand will now be carrying on this January with the final stage scheduled for the spring this year! I am extremely pleased and proud of this italian crew who trully epitomise the true spirit of Yogabeats .....David Sye x

Yogabeats Teacher Training Italy image

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Yogabeats | Yogabeats Conflict

Yogabeats was invited out to Israel to perform at several major music and yoga festivals at the end of the 90s...the deal we made was that unless the Israelis also organised Yogabeats classes for the neighboring Palestinian neighbours there was no deal .....after weeks of negotiating.. finally the Israelis agreed ....and thus began an incredible adventure where Yogabeats was able to bring its life affirming magic to both sides of the Middle Eastern conflict and this finally resulted in the first joint yoga class between Palestinians and Israelis in 2006…

Yogabeats Conflict image

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Yogabeats | Introducing The Bendy Years

Here are a variety of iconic yoga postures shot by a photographer friend and student of mine Adam Dawe... at a London studio around the beginning of the millennium ...

Introducing The Bendy Years image
Introducing The Bendy Years image
Introducing The Bendy Years image

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Yogabeats | Come Home To Yourself - Rediscovering your inner magic



The Gathering in Edale with David Sye

September 15, 2023

About The Gathering at EdaleThe Gathering at Edale is located on a private farm at the foot of Kinder Scout in the famous Peak District...

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Yogabeats | The Gathering in Edale with David Sye



The Gathering in Edale with David Sye

September 15, 2023

About The Gathering at EdaleThe Gathering at Edale is located on a private farm at the foot of Kinder Scout in the famous Peak District...

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Yogabeats | The Team

David Sye

David is of Russian descent, the son of a scientist mother and an international Artiste/Performer father, Frankie Vaughan. ​

He began his practice of Yoga as a direct result of suffering from ulcerative colitis and a spastic colon.

He discovered Tibetan healers and worked with them, and their healing practices saw that on his return doctors were unable to find the tumours. He felt better than he could ever remember, and this completely changed the course of his life. From then on yoga and Tibetan healing techniques became his life’s focus.

​A rich and varied history..

​In 1990 he moved to Yugoslavia to work as a Radio journalist on a non-political radio station, whilst also teaching Yoga to classes in Belgrade. Circumstances conspired to the point where he found himself caught up in the middle of the Bosnian war. This resulted in the emergence of his own unique practice….YOGABEATS, a style of Yoga, born out of an environment where the possibilities of death and (the stress of this) were always close at hand. He used music to drown out the sound of the conflict, both “overt” and “covert”.

​On his return it took some perseverance before the British Yoga community started to appreciate and accept his radical approach to Yoga. Initially in the media they called him the bad boy of yoga, and that he had destroyed 5000 years of yoga tradition, these same groups now invite him to teach across the UK.

In 1997 he met his late teacher Clara Buck, and studied with her to the end of her life in 2004. She was a student of Krishnamacharya, BKS Iyengar, and a close friend of Vanda Scaravelli, some of he students include Angela Farmer and Shandor Remete.

​A dedication to using yoga for peace

​David’s Past projects include his ground breaking “urban” Yogabeats work, notably with Glasgow street youth in the infamous Easter house district – alongside his work with the International Group ‘Youth at Risk’, an extraordinary and effective combination of Yogabeats working in tandem with psychologists and social workers.

He is also internationally known for his work with Palestinians in the West Bank which began in 2004, and was responsible for bringing together for the first time, both sides of this Middle East conflict for a Yoga class in 2006, “without which” as David says, ” a single politician or member of the U.N. was needed to be present. It was just pure humanity inspired by the ancient practice of Yoga. David’s YOGA BEATS CONFLICT fund was born in 2011, and the work continues today with further meetings between the Palestinians and Israelis, and the Yogabeats Foundation Teacher training project in Palestine, thanks to very generous donations from the public in the UK and abroad.

​The hear and now

​David is based in London though teaches across the world. His passion and excitement for his work arises out of the fact that the practise and theory behind Yogabeats is not only a model for transformation through yoga, but a system where men and women are given the tools to maintain the transformation, so they can go on to realise their life’s full potentiality taking the techniques out to their communities.

The same can be said for revealing breathing – this rebirthing technique is something David is passionate about now more than ever as this timeless unique healing is more important now than ever.

Yogabeats is…

a metaphysical revolution and since meeting his partner Amanda in 2018, it evolved quite  naturally into the mystical art form .,that David had envisioned for many years…

Amanda is an ordained High Priestess and David was a practising Metaphysician many years prior to becoming a Yoga Elder so Yogabeats very naturally evolved from its original form of Yogabeats into the new persona of ‘Yogabeats and Ancient Magick’.

​His work in the Community at home and Internationally is developing a life of its own, and is now recognised and acknowledged by peace makers, and at governmental level. Yoga Beats Conflict is supported by His Holiness The Dhalai Lama

Amanda McWhirter

Amanda was born and raised in Norfolk by two wonderful parents.  Though she has lived and travelled all over the world, the gentility of the English countryside always pulls her back.

As a child she had a very special relationship with the invisible realms and natures guardians, hopping between worlds often – something that despaired her mother but which her grandfather nurtured and applauded.  

Always a talented writer and poet, Amanda worked as a journalist from a young age.  She always knew her path was to help and heal and saw journalism as a way to give a voice to the voiceless and challenge the things wrong with the world, something she still does through art and words today.

Amanda had over a decade where she hid her spiritual nature owing to fear of rejection and being different.  She moved into a high powered marketing role, managing the global marketing for one of the biggest companies in the world.  Denying her truth and the constant pushing back of the metaphysics and her ‘clair’ skills resulted in two breakdowns.

After losing her father and descending into emotional chaos, a chance meeting with a mystic on a dusty road in Jamaica saw her quit her job and surrender to her true path.  Amanda travelled all over the world discovering the ancient traditions of different cultures, living with tribes and remembering the lives she’d led before.

Training as an Earth Priestess and then High Priestess in the Magdalene order started a process of remembering.  After years of closing them down, Amanda reopened channels to the other worlds.  Now she enjoys having ‘colleagues’ that are dragons and fairies compared to the corporate bankers she suffered years ago!  The latter breathe more fire.

Meeting David by chance early 2018 was the start of something very beautiful – the meeting of two souls that had always known each other and had the same goal.   They waited and watched the world until the right path opened to fuse their work together – thus Yogabeats Ancient Magick was born.

Nicky Jones

From an early age I was curious about yoga in the 70s my Mum would have these magazines coming through the door  ‘come alive.’

I went to my first yoga class which was Iyengar in about  1994.

Later in about 1998 I was invited by a friend to a class with David Sye when I was living in High Wycombe. I loved it so much and it was at that moment I began to realise what come alive meant from all those years ago and continued attending David’s classes when he was in the area even after moving to Windsor, it felt so freeing, empowering and fun! After a move to the USA, I stayed in touch with David following yogabeats and my own path to yoga whilst living in California. Always seeking the knowledge in myself  and love of learning. Since my return  to the UK completed Yogabeats foundation 1&2 and I am working towards my YTT 200hr.

The Team image The Team image The Team image The Team image The Team image The Team image

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Yogabeats | Yogabeats Ancient Magick

A word from David:

To begin to be able to perceive and access the incredible life enhancing benefits of these magickal realms

is the path of all true pilgrims

 … Yogabeats and Ancient Magick is designed to facilitate a perception and practice to quickly access a real heaven that actually does exist within our lifetimes

 upon our  beautiful planet …. Come join us and step away from the ordinary

and up into the Extraordinary.

Yogabeats Ancient Magick was something unique and beautiful that evolved simply out of love – my love for my partner David and of living a magical life.

I met David early 2018 and adored our mutual connection to the invisible worlds and other dimensions – something we have explored and enjoyed together over the years.  I wasn’t a ‘yogi’ in the sense of being trained and super bendy but I was a Yogi in the ancient sense – I believed in union, ceremony, love and most of all magick.

Yogabeats switched me on to a type of yoga that dovetailed into my metaphysical practise.  Rather than being a serious staid state, it encouraged me to raise my vibration, explore my body and go deeply inside.  As a result, my connections to various deities and past lives increased; as did my relationships with the other realms, making me realise that Yogabeats was far beyond yoga, movement and fun – it opened a doorway.

David has always brought ceremony into his retreats and allowed students to dip a toe into how other cultures honour and celebrate.  As my relationship grew with David and the pandemic hit, we realised that the ancient ways are needed more now than ever.  Yoga (in it’s ancient not Instagram form) was still relevant but being able to work with the elemental realms and past lives was essential to survive the chaos in the first world.

Yogabeats Ancient Magick started to fuse.  David and I started to extend our own magical practises together.  We delved back into past lives, remembering ceremonies and blessings from Atlantis, Lemuria and Native American times.  We took each other on journeys and started to call in beautiful relationships with deities, elementals and ancestors that blessed us.

It was clear that our path was to share this with the world hence fusing the magick of Yoagbeats with its fun, sexy empowering ways with the ancient magick we were both familiar with, teaching people how to remember who they are/were and building strong communities across the globe based purely on unconditional love.

Our retreats and workshops will involve yoga, breathwork, revealing breathing, sacred sites, magical practises, mutual education and connection to ourselves and the worlds within and around us.

We hope you join us in this new path.

At a time when many of the accepted pillars of western society are beginning to fall away.,,
there has never been a more opportune moment to begin to perceive and learn of  the ancient Magick realms that underlay all of human societies and that can be fully accessed during these turbulent times….

Our retreats of  ‘Yogabeats and Ancient Magick‘ are far more than just a holiday they will provide you with all the tools necessary for whatever the future may hold..,and you don’t need to be a believer in Magick or part of a Coven … just a soul who has an inkling that there maybe more to life than what’s on the TV !? Much love David x

Yogabeats Ancient Magick image

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Yogabeats | Contact and Payment

To contact David please use the contact form below or you can email directly to booking@yogabeats.com or  contact Nicki  on 07932246665.

Please send all booking payments to:


Name: Yogabeats
A/c: 93416291
Sort code: 20-76-90
International IBAN: GB18 BUKB 20769093416291



The Gathering in Edale with David Sye

September 15, 2023

About The Gathering at EdaleThe Gathering at Edale is located on a private farm at the foot of Kinder Scout in the famous Peak District...

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Yogabeats | Revealing Breathing

What is it?

A combination of Tibetan Re-birthing, healing and shamanism, it is a technique to access the deeper subconscious information layered within and beneath the surface personality. When the body remains still and a continuous cyclic breathing is applied the resultant energy within the body stimulates the organism into automatic repair and what is released is the thought forms and ideas held within the subconscious mind. Sometimes even the birth experience itself is relived and why the technique is popularly known as Re-birthing.​

How it can help?

Revealing breathing is an ancient technique that reveals the hidden worlds of the human mind and one of the quickest methods to circumnavigate the devastating effects of stress on an individual, releasing them from a life time of learned negative responses.

David has been practicing shamanism and healing for over 30 years. The metaphysics behind our own lives and the objects of our desires are always entwined within the law of our own Karmic paths. There is no exception. Always a change of our own inner energies are necessary for that which is desired and ourselves to synchronize and thereby manifest.

This is the work of Re-birthing and one simple fact that true spiritual work and development is a non local event and affects the whole field of humanity.

What happens during a session?

You breathe! It’s that simple. You’re in control the whole time and with Davids guidance you breathe into your experiences, thoughts and feelings that lay dormant in your subconscious. You’ll simply relax into your own mind and describe what you are seeing, thinking and feeling. David will help you the entire way through and make sure you are comfortable and relaxed. After the session David will help you understand your experiences and answer questions.

This is a truly unique therapy.​

Check our testimonials page to see what others say about their experiences



The Gathering in Edale with David Sye

September 15, 2023

About The Gathering at EdaleThe Gathering at Edale is located on a private farm at the foot of Kinder Scout in the famous Peak District...

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Yogabeats | About Yogabeats

Yogabeats™ has remained totally without rigid form or restrictions, experimental and spontaneous, just like jazz or any other free form art. It openly encourages the practitioner to deeply explore their own physical and psychological boundaries. What is understood within this practice will directly impact upon the individual’s perception of life itself.

The magic of Yogabeats™ can never be fully understood in any way other than in its participation, because then the lines between the idea and the experience dissolves into a mind blowing feast of all the senses

Yogabeats™ is more than just Yoga, it is pure fun, a practice driven by music and rhythms. Unapologetically sexy, empowering and provocative, leaving you higher than a kite and flying for the rest of the week.

Yogabeats™ is yoga with a difference. The yoga is an eclectic mix of styles designed to accommodate all levels of fitness and ability. Rather than using fixed postures. Yogabeats™ uses “micro-moves”. These are continuous movements which do not lock off the muscles or disrupt the blood flow and increase flexibility. These micro-moves originated with David observing how children were unable to hold fixed static postures, the conundrum that became apparent was who in fact was the teacher, and at this point David began to adopt and implement the shifting movements within his own practice with startling results and benefits, which are now supported by physiotherapists and body workers.

Yogabeats™ combines classic mobile yoga postures with the latest rhythmic and ambient world music. This involves a slow warm up section, the 1st half of the practice is designed to soften up the human ego, without austerity or force, but primarily by allowing, and fun, and asking the body itself for permission to “let go,” followed by a more intense second section, partner work and meditation.

Yogabeats™ engages all of your physical senses and provides a natural high and feelings of joy in the body. It creates tremendous vitality, balance and flexibility regardless of size, age or experience.

The Yogabeats ™High. While constant aerobic acitivities lower one’s immune system and stress the body – Yogabeats™ boosts the body’s homeostasis immensly benefiting blood pressure, pulses, physical and cerebral responses – way past the point that mere exercise requires or can achieve. Yogabeats evolved around the original agenda of Yoga; to create a natural “peak experience” or “high” in the body/mind continuum by clearing the stresses and tensions that accumulate, and which in turn returns the practitioner to a blissful equity and balance.

About Yogabeats image

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