YBAM Halloween Celebrations (through the veil)

Calendar   Retreat
Location Ty Gwyn Llwyngwril (nr Barmouth) Gwynedd LL37 2QB
Date Friday, October 27, 2023 -
Monday, October 30, 2023
Duration   3 days

Samhain and Halloween! We promise it will be dead good partying with the departed.
Winter draws in and the veil between the seen and unseen world is thin. The dark nights can take us deeper into our internal world, away from the light of the conscious everyday world into the unconscious realms of the dreamweave. The dark can also nourish and restore our mental physical and emotional wellbeing.

This Yogabeats Ancient Magick retreat opens us to what we can gather from a deep and connective practice at this reflective time of year. A space to be with our own wisdom, that of our ancestors and of Mother Earth at this time.

Positioned at each of the significant changes within the year, our retreats bring a blend of asana, pranayama and meditation inspired from the ancient ways of the Tibetans and Yoga texts, yet modernised with micromovements, hilarity and beats. We infuse this with empowering practises from Earth based spiritual traditions of Shamanism, and the Pagan festivals to celebrate each season.

At this incredible time of the year, the witches new year, we’ll also introduce you to further indigenous magick – the Mayan cacao ceremonies and the fiesta of Dias das Muertes where we dance, dress up and celebrate our ancestors. We aim that you leave the retreat feeling love and community – with others and yourself.

Amanda and David bring their own wisdom and magick to this celebration. Both pagans, yogis and activists, they came together again in this lifetime to build loving communities in this world and support mother earth and her children. Both are dedicated to spreading love, togetherness and healing as individuals and through their coupleship.

After years of war and trauma, Yoga Elder David Sye founded YOGABEATS, a style of Yoga, born out of an environment where the possibilities of death and (the stress of this) were always close at hand. He used music to drown out the sound of the conflict, both “overt” and “covert”. His methods meant he was ostracised by the yoga community for challenging thousands of years of tradition – these same yoga bodies now employ him to teach all over the world.

Amanda trained for many years to become a devotional artist of service and healing as a Magadalene High Priestess. She is rooted in her internal relationship with spirit and from there she can do inspired work in the world. Amanda is a weaver of worlds and specialises in communicating with the beings that reside there, supporting others to traverse these worlds and uncover their soul potential with bespoke healing.

Both Amanda and David have worked with tribes all over the world and bring in indigenous practises to their retreats done with authenticity and respect. You can expect to learn beautiful native American fire ceremonies, Water blessings to the Orisha deities, Aztec ancestral honouring and Celtic Fairy Connections.

Set deep in nature by the sprawling coastline, Big House by the Sea offers the perfect venue for reconnection to the energy of the earth’s cycles and the elements. Using this inspiration from mother earth we find a useful tool to support the processes within our life journey. This retreat provides a unique space to reconnect to your ‘Self’ and your ancestors. It provides an eclectic blend of practises that you will find helpful in all you need to heal of ALL of your bodies.

Using yoga, nutritious food, elemental awareness, body and soul presence, ritual and ceremony and cacao and plant spirits, we offer a space to deepen connection, help feel ourselves as sovereign beings and remember your connection to the beauty of life and your true self. From this place we can be in presence with all that we are in this moment, and gather the gifts from this simplicity. In essence a retreat to come home to your true self, to your earth body, to strengthen your relationship with the body of our earth, and to allow this to bring you all that you need at this time.

Our Yoga retreats include:
- Twice daily, on full retreat days, sessions with intuitive blend of Yogabeats/Meditation/Magical teachings/ -
- Element based rituals/ceremonial sessions/sharing spaces
- Cleansing and Cacao welcome session and opening ceremony on arrival day to leave the first world behind and open your heart to love and possibility.
- Sharing of ancestral rituals, beliefs and magic around the world including a 'Day of The Dead' Mayan celebration party.
- Three times daily luxury wholesome nourishing menus by The Social Pantry - including a 3 course 'dumb supper' to honour the ancestors (all diets catered for)
- Accommodation in 5-star converted barns with hot tubs, sauna and cinema rooms
- Optional sessions on pagan crafts to make your own enchanted incense and straw men
- Visits to Enchanted Woodland and waterfalls to work with the local fae
- Sacred site visits to connect with earth energies
- Beautiful Lakeland, sea and mountain walks right on your doorstep.
- Welcome pack goodie bag

£100 non refundable deposit secures
£200 due by 1st July 2023
Remainder due by 1st September 2023
5% off entire price if paid in full on booking.

Prices :
£600 Shared Room (2 people)
£750 Single Room double bed
£500 Triple room (3 people)
email booking@yogabeats.com for info.

Event contact Amanda McWhirter
Event contact Email  booking@yogabeats.com
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