David 25 · The Story Of Freyer Part 1

....an inspired weaving together of original storytelling and a backdrop of crafted musical compositions.… about the interdimensional adventures of a magical young girl named  Freya..… sit back and Relax.

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David I love it and Dave I love the music 🎼!!!!! You both are connected so deeply with the light hidden in mother Gaia. The name Freyer is perfectly chosen! The Dragons, the tiny man knocking with the music pointing it out and and and … a master piece as we would say in German. Can’t wait to hear part 2. It touched me to tears, it delighted me, it gives hope and the feeling of beeing home. Thank you 2 beautiful souls, you are such an inspiration for all who can still be inspired. XXXXXXXXXXXxxxxxxxxxxxx Love you for your beeing, for beeing my tribe, for inspiring this strange world ☀️☀️☀️

Emmie-Belle, my 9yr old granddaughter is intrigued by the story. Her imagination is lit up! She thinks she is Freya. 👌 Lovely story x
(Above from Belfast N Ireland)

Oh I love it!! It’s utterly beautiful! And you read it so brilliantly - it gave me goosebumps as I was listening to it 💚 I think it would be suitable for lots of different age groups as even if younger children don’t understand every word consciously, they would 100% understand the energy & hear the message behind it. Similarly, adults are only children who have been around a bit longer! & we all love to hear about the magic we’ve been taught to forget. I thought it was absolutely wonderful. The only bit that I might have a question about was the beetle crown & caterpillars around the necks, only because it could be construed as a perpetuation of using other animals in some way (the very concept that has brought humans to this point!) but of course, it could always be a consensual thing, which is alluded to by Freya’s gentle delight in watching the beetles crawl over her hands. That was the only thing that occurred to me, but I thought it was absolutely wonderful! Are you going to do more? Just beautiful 🙏💚 Sending you so much love xxxxxxxxxxxxx
(Above from The Retreat Animal Rescue Centre Kent)

Oh David...what a lovely story...love it! With so much meaning of course! I like the musical backdrop as well...I think it all works well together! Am honoured you sought my opinion.....but well done you!💕x
(Above from North Wales)

I love it! The descriptive details threaded through really bring it to life and your voice records so beautifully 💛
The track behind it really suits too. I think you could slow the reading down a little, I missed a few little bits and went back to catch what I had missed! ….. I hope there’s a part 2 brewing 😊

Thank you for sharing, honoured x
(From London client Hampstead)

That’s beautiful bro , wow 👏👏👏👏
(Above from student in Worcester)

Oh my gosh David, I love it. I have just sent it to my granddaughter, she is 13.... I'll see what she thinks. I would certainly listen to more…
I love the language, the cadence, the music. Love it all. And your voice is made for that.
I think that's a pretty good review. 🙏🤔

It's so well done. Keep it going. I want to hear the whole story. ❤️
(Above from central Ireland)

Brother! I love your story!!!!! It’s so sweet and whimsical and fun to listen to as I was going to bed! I love fairies and little people are real! My sister sees them…she has since she was little! When we were hiking in the pyrenees last year, she knew when they were around…
Did you write that?! 
I absolutely loved it and need part 2!
I loved your descriptions brother…the women with caterpillars around their necks 😍
My daughter draws and can help you with illustrations, but I’m sure you already have that figured out.
I love the mystical qualities and how the beautiful innocence of a child will be the one to awaken the this world…not some president or Prime Minister! This is brilliant brother!! The way describe it really paints a beautiful picture! I seriously love it so much…even more love your creativity…it’s off the charts!
(From Cathy in New Mexico US)

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